Célèbre Taverne Bruxelloise


€8,10 Soup of the day, with bread and butter

€9,20 Onion soup, toast and cheese

€18,00 Shrimp croquettes

€12,90 Shrimp in garlic sauce

€10,20 Cheese croquettes

Main course - Meat

€16,40 Stoemp of the day (mashed potatoes mixed
 with vegetables)

€16,60 Meat balls in tomato sauce

€16,90 Steak tartare, fries

€17,40 Carbonnades flamandes (beef stew cooked in beer)

€16,20 Brassins Burger

€16,60 Rabbit in cherry beer sauce (1 leg)

€19,60 Filet mignon (beef steak) (+/-300gr)

€22,00 Steak ‘simple face’ (+/-300gr – tender beef with mustard,
 parsley and shallots and grilled on one side)

€23,00 Rib steak (+/-300gr)

€19,20 Onglet steak with shallots (or, choice of other sauces: +3,50€)

€19,80 Ham on the bone in Dijon mustard sauce

€19,50 Duck breast (400gr) in pepper sauce

€16,90 Chicons au gratin

Main course - Fish

€16,80 Red mullet fillets with a butter vinegar and shallots sauce

€18,90 Grilled swordfish in fennel cream

Sauces and side dishes

€3,50 Black pepper, Archiduc (mushrooms), Béarnaise, Roquefort (blue cheese), Shallots

€4,00 Portion of fries, portion of stoemp (mashed potatoes mixed
 with vegetables)

€3,50 Mixed green salad

€4,00 Grilled mushrooms in garlic butter

Main course - Salads

€15,40 Smoked duck breast (lettuce, smoked duck breast, raspberry vinegar)

€15,80 Shrimp (lettuce, scampi shrimp, fresh mint, melon, pine-nuts)

€15,30 Warm goat cheese & Salmon (lettuce, warm goat cheese with honey and
 smoked salmon)

€15,40 Italian (lettuce, Italian ham, mozzarella, artichoke hearts in olive oil)

€15,30 Paysanne (lettuce, thin sliced bacon, blue cheese, raspberry vinegar)

Main course - Pasta

€12,00 Bolognaise

€13,50 Ham-cheese, cream sauce


€9,20 Speculoos Tiramisu

€8,00 Home-made chocolate mousse

€9,60 Moelleux au chocolat (warm chocolate cake with liquid center,
 served with vanilla ice cream)

€8,90 Tarte tatin (warm upside down apple art with vanilla ice cream)

€8,00 Coupe Brésilienne (vanilla and coffee ice sundae with caramel
sauce and roasted hazelnuts)

€3,00 Hand-made ice cream /scoop

€8,00 Dame Noire (chocolate ice sundae with melted Belgian chocolate)

€8,00 Dame blanche (vanilla ice sundae with melted Belgian chocolate)

Main course - Vegetarian

€14,90 Wok with vegetables and noodles, soja sauce

€15,60 Penne with mushrooms